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FIRST (VIDEO) DRAFT - EP1 part 2/2

The second batch of your questions - answered!

As promised, here is the final instalment of answers to the Q&A/ask me anything post from last week.

There were so many great questions, and another whole batch came in when I posted the first video last Friday. (You can catch up with that here.) So I hope you enjoy this second part of the episode.

Also, it seems like this video Q&A format has been successful, so from January I will make it a regular monthly feature.

The setup will be - I will send a callout for questions about a week before I record the video. Subscribers will be able to leave their questions in the comments section. I’ll send the video/s out for free to everyone though.

If you want to subscribe and make sure you can be involved in asking the questions, I’d love that for you. You can also gift subscriptions.

Give a gift subscription

I haven’t put the cost of subscription up for a couple of years, and don’t intend to do so until January 2025. It’s set as low as Substack will allow - so I hope that makes it accessible to most readers/viewers.

Dan x

PS I found the book of proverbs… here’s one for you… “Where child is king and clerk is bishop, and churl is reeve, all be grieve”

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